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Blog showing how to make a fairy garden

by FAIRY on JANUARY 28, 2011 -

  • Fairies size ranges, from tiny fairies smaller than fireflies to powerful forces that guide the wind
  • Fairies love fresh flowers and laughter,this attracts them
  • Fairies live on islands, hollow trees, under toad stools, where streams divide or border hedges
  • To discover the portal to their world, you must walk nine times around a suspected place on a full moon night
  • A ripple in the water or sudden chill often indicates their presence
  • They are passionately fond of music, bells and jingles!
  • They play melodies which are haunting and wistful
  • Fairies love to dance!!
  • Rheumatism, cramps and bruising can be the result of pinches from an agitated fairy
  • Tangles in your hair – sometimes known as elf locks – are the work of fairies
  • The disappearance of small objects can be a clue they have been visiting
  • They can make themselves visible or invisible and can change their shapes and sizes but May Day, Midsummer’s Eve, and Halloween are good times to see them
  • Children – particularly young girls – are most likely to see these little people
  • They live to be several hundred years old
  • They like honey, milk, and nectarexternal image fairy_ll-232x300.jpg

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